Commercial; Anthemic, friendly, announcer, conversational, believable.

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My commerical demo. The Disney spot has a soft, warm, anthemic approach which evolves into hope and enthusiasm. Boeing is a flat, contrite, unadorned tone. The iPhone spot has a young dad vibe. Coke Zero Sugar is lighter and friendlier. Citizen is a campy, ironic announcer.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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safety means never cutting corners. We get it and we also take responsibility when we get it wrong, no excuses, no arguments. We're committed to the safety of every person who boards a Boeing jet. We can do better and better starts today. It'll help me get work done and be more efficient. That was the plan when I bought my new iphone. The plan did not involve my four year old watching paw patrol on it at six in the morning in our bed on a saturday in Portuguese honey. No, no, no, no, do not change daddy's work calendar. The rides have stopped. The parks are shut, no mickey and Minnie know Goofy or Anna and Elsa, but you can't keep the magic of Disney down for long and just like America soon we'll be back with families coming together, new adventures being shared and fireworks to celebrate the grand reopening of not just an amusement park but a nation coke, zero sugar with or without caffeine. Either way get the same great taste you've always loved with zero calories and zero guilt join the revolution with coke. Zero sugar. This is mike Mike's Citizen Pro Master. Aqua Land is stylish feature packed and waterproof to a depth Jacques Cousteau would appreciate all for the price of a new Tv. This is eric eric's glitzy yacht monster looks similar to Mike Citizen but weighs £14 and could pay his mortgage for two years. Be smart, be like mike check out our newest watches at citizen dot com