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Having been the eLearning corporate training voice of hip and cool companies like Buffalo Wild Wings, Nike, Instagram, Dicks Sporting Goods, KabirsVoice is real, authentic, relatable and fresh. Bringing a charismatic personality to each eLearning module, Kabir is articulate, clear and concise. A friendly voice that intrigues the most mundane and hesitant new employee. With a dash of sincerity and a unique guy next door feel, Kabir will bring vibrancy to your most imperative corporate eLearning modules.

Kabir's professional voice is cool and hip. With a personality that delivers your corporate eLearning training modules with enthusiasm and confidence.

Friendly, educational, teen, high school, professional, African American, Approachable, Real. Instagram, millennial, training, corporate training, sales training, coworker, friendly, fun, engaging, host, positive, online, social media, cool guy, e learning, eLearning, e-learning, professional, millennial voice, conversational voice, relatable, authentic, authentic,

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US Mid-Atlantic) US African American


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sweet. You made it your own Instagram employees. Now you might not be the boss, but you are a boss, so welcome to the family. Now kick back and let's talk about what it means to work for instagram like parking spaces and access cards and where we keep the coffee. Let's start with what you can expect on your first full day. The module contains algorithms to detect text segment words and recognize the text. It's not an OCR tool for scan documents, so do not treat it as such. The detection part can, in theory, handle different languages but will likely fail on hire. A prolific texts recognition part currently uses open source Tesseract OCR. If Tesseract OCR is not installed on your system, corresponding part of the functionality will be unavailable. Before you begin, you'll need to one set up your computer using our technical requirements troubleshooting document to follow the instructions in the getting started and I learned for local agency staff and partners documents please note. With online courses currently only work in Internet Explorer seven or newer