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when a person is in need of visual correction, it is due to the presence of refractive error. We will look further into the reasons for refractive error, the different types of refractive error and what can be done for correction when we meet our friends or strangers who need to wear glasses. It's not common for them to say I have refractive error, but more likely to say I have that ISA or something along those lines. Refractive error means that the shape of the eyes not normal and therefore light does not enter to the back of the eye properly, which results in blurred images. When light enters the eye, it passes through the cornea and lens and is then bent or refracted to focus on the back of the retina. From here, the Renna will send these light rays through the optic nerve up to the brain, which will then create the image of what we're seeing. All the parts of the I play a very important role in how we see the world, and if one areas miss shaped, such as the axial length of the eye, it can change how the light is refracted, leading to blurred or fuzzy vision diagnosing whether or not we have the presence of refractive error is best checked by the optometrist. Squinting to see better or noticing that words or images seem to be unfocused might be the first signs leading to a visit with the doctor.