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to samara. Keep watching to learn the instructions for use for complete information. Please see the instructions for use that come in the carton. This video in addition to the instructions for use, can help you get started with cassandra. The instructions for use can be found in each carton of to samara or viewed online at to samara dot com. Before we begin, always remember only one To simmer. A nasal spray device is needed to deliver a full dose. The device gives a single spray that should be delivered into one nostril. Never use more than one device or dose into more than one nostril. Keep to Sonora and all medicines out of reach of Children. The device should be stored at room temperature. Do not store in the refrigerator or freezer. Always keep the device in the sealed blister package until time of use. Do not test the spray or press the plunger before giving a dose into the nostril. Do not use. After the expiration date has passed. While sitting upright, gently blow your nose to clear your nostrils, remove only one device from the carton. Do not use more than one device to get your dose, check the expiration date on the back of the blister package. Do not use if the expiration date has passed throw away the expired device in the household trash. If the expiration date has passed peel off the paper backing completely from the blister package, flip the blister package onto your hand to remove the device from its packaging. Check the expiration date on the device. Do not use the device. If the expiration date has passed, Gently Press one nostril with your finger to keep it closed. Hold the device upright between your thumb and first two fingers insert half of the spray nozzle into the open nostril and angle outward while keeping the device in your nose tilt your head back slightly. This will allow the medicine to go into your nasal passage without dripping out. As you slowly breathe through your nose firmly press the plunger all the way up to release the dose. The plunger is stiff so make sure to press firmly remove the device from your nostril while keeping your head upright gently breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth, repeat this for 10-20 seconds. It is normal for you to feel liquid in your nose or at the back of your throat. Do not look down because the medicine may drip from your nose. Do not breathe in deeply, throw away the used device and its packaging into your household trash. You have received your full dose If you have used one device and given one spray into one nostril, remember to read and follow the instructions for use before you start using to Sonora and each time you get a refill as there may be new information. If you have any questions ask your health care provider or pharmacist to samara sumatriptan nasal spray. Learn more at to samara dot com