Kyle Shive - Audiobook



This is chapter 1 of an audiobook I recently completed. I had a blast and I love doing narrations and audiobooks!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Chapter One I just wanted her to look at me. That was all everyone else does. Did I thought they were looking at me. At least my dumb teen boy self had tons of dumb teen boy thoughts that turned out to be very misguided. So maybe no one was looking at all. I take that back. They were looking everyone though, no one saw the way that no one sees much of anything most of the time. I've never had to ask for attention, at least as an only child to parents who waited until they were in their thirties before trying for kids. I wanted for nothing. I've never had to share and I've certainly never had to beg spoiled is a word, perhaps it's my word, but only in jest only with a playful smile and endearment on the tongue because I am also the other word endearing dear. I was always that spoiled dear scene. I thought of people in words and boxes, checkmark, tick cross out. It's much easier this way. Names and words, saref, sand punctuation, black, white day, night, ah, but twilight, but gray. Those two words used to unnerve me. Not quite this or that its own thing entirely by not being any one thing