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    Kid Next Door Voices

    The kid next door is a young character who lives close to another character, usually to the main character. The kid next door character is usually friendly, though the kid next door character may be annoying, as well. Depending on the story the character appears in, the kid next door could be a close friend, a nuisance or a very minor character. The kid next door character is usually energetic, friendly and otherwise displays typical child behaviours, unless otherwise stated.

    The kid next door character’s actions and attitudes depend on his or her role in the story. The kid next door character may be in a friendship with another child character, and share many of the same educational and leisurely settings and experiences. The kid next door character is usually very close with his or her friend, and will listen closely and help his or her friend with whatever issues he or she is struggling with. If the kid next door character plays the role of the annoying kid character as well, he or she may be noisy, make fun of other neighbours, or otherwise display disrespectful or disruptive behaviour. The kid next door character may not be a main focus of the story, either, and only shows up occasionally, acting as any other child would. The kid next door can also have other roles outside of solely being a kid next door, as his or her relationships with people who do not live close to him or her are not defined by the proximity and familiarity he or she may have with others in his or her neighbourhood.

    The kid next door can be seen in many forms of media, but most commonly in children’s shows or movies, as well as in sitcoms that focus on families or children. One example of a sitcom with a kid next door character is Full House, which focused on the Tanner girls and their best friend Kimmy Gibbler, who lived next door. Watching movies or television shows with kid next door characters, as well as factoring in character traits of your specific kid next door, can help you voice the perfect kid next door character!