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Small creature, nervous sidekick, or young kid apprentice

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Voice Over • Animation


do you need a character thats a ball of anxiety? full of stuttering? high pitched? maybe shy but really wanting to do well and help? I've got the voice for your project! Whether it be a video game or anime I can hook you up.

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Teen (13-17)


North American


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Oh dear. You're you're gonna go fight the demons? Oh well. Um Okay that's very brave. Um Would you maybe um no okay yes. Would you maybe consider um bringing me along? I know I'm not uh strong but um it's my home too and I want to help even though it's really scary. I don't know if I could uh fight demons all by myself but um with you and me together they won't stand a chance, right? Um I mean if you want to I don't want to you know um be too pushy. I won't come if you don't want me to but um if you want me to we can beat them.