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    Soldier Voices

    The soldier is a character who is enrolled in an army. The soldier character is committed to his or her country, highly disciplined, and fearless in the face of danger. The soldier character is loyal, dependable, courageous and tactical. The soldier character stays on task, and follows the orders of superiors with high attention to detail. The soldier character can hold many ranks, but always respects the authority of those above him or her, and wisely commands those under his or her authority.

    The soldier character goes through many stages of training and specialisation. The soldier character is first recruited and put through training, where the soldier sheds his or her civilian attitudes and becomes a member of the military. The soldier character then either enters combat or continues to specialise his or her training to enter other roles, such as being a sniper, officer, medic or technician. When in combat, soldier characters utilise their training and remain calm under fire, relaying information to their commanders and working as a team to efficiently complete their tasks and follow orders. In the event of being on the losing side of a battle, soldier characters may break from their discipline and scream, run or surrender. Soldier characters who are victorious often receive recognition for their work, and graciously accept the praise they are given.

    In civilian life, former soldier characters may be easily startled, withdrawn, depressed, anxious or otherwise struggle with reintegrating into society. Soldier characters may adapt to and re-enter their previous roles they held before enlisting, or re-enlist, potentially as a higher ranked soldier than before. Soldier characters may enter charity work, attempting to forget the past and help others in need to satisfy their protective impulses. Soldier characters who have families or spouses may be tearful when told they are going to be deployed, and be happy during their return home, with a strong love for their families.

    Soldier characters can be seen most often in war movies, both real and fictional. Soldier characters can also be seen in documentaries and action movies, as well as some other genres. Real life soldiers can be seen in military parades, at military bases, at memorial events and on the news. Some former soldiers may even start podcasts and give motivational speeches, describing their thoughts and actions during their service and return to civilian life. Embodying loyalty, discipline and honour, as well as maintaining a calm demeanour, can help you voice the perfect soldier today!