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    Gnome Voices

    'Down here! No look down here in the garden! That's better.'

    The gnome is a small, mischievous creature, who lives underground. The gnome can be friendly to humans, or try to trick them, depending on the story. There are both male gnomes and female gnomes. The role of the gnome is highly dependent on how the character is written, so it is best to read the source material before voicing the character.

    The most recognizable depiction of a gnome is the garden gnome. This gnome generally does not speak, although more recent movies from the 2010s have given gnomes a human-like character that differs from the previous idea of quiet, secretive and solitary creatures. Some versions of gnomes outside the garden include the travelling gnome, which is a garden gnome that travels with the owner to many parts of the world, and the Swiss or Scandinavian gnome, a creature from folktales. The Scandinavians have a gnome associated with Christmas or the winter solstice called a nisse, tomte, tonttu or tomte nisse, depending on the region.

    A gnome voice can be abrupt, rugged and high pitched. You may be wanting a funny gnome voice with an accent, or you may need an angry, burly gnome voice that's ready to yell at a moment's notice. No matter the gnome voice you're needing, you can locate it here.