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Guided Meditation Walk With Music

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Walk to this beautiful water and enjoy relaxing and feeling less stress and more peace and health in your day

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Welcome to open daisy's Faith based guided meditation today we're going to go to a tropical island so settle yourself into a nice and comfortable position. Take your time to find a posture that feels right for your body today. Make sure there is no pushing or straining. Roll back your shoulders and lower them down away from your ears, rest your hands in your lap and once you have settled in, gently close your eyes to help transition your mind and body from the busy nature of your thoughts to the peace at this moment. Let's take a few deep long breaths in. So taking a long deep breath in, filling your body with fresh air and then releasing the breath out slowly and gently allowing the exhale to ground you into the present moment, releasing all tension and stress. Taking a deep breath in inviting peace and calm into your mind and your body and breathing outcome, releasing what you no longer need, allowing all tension to melt away one last time, taking a long deep breath in feeling the air expand your belly and your chest and then releasing the breath out slowly and gently with steady control. So really sinking into the comfort of this practice, sinking into the comfort of your space, Meeting yourself with kindness and compassion, acknowledging your kind intention to relax your body and to relax your mind, wanting the best for yourself and meeting yourself exactly as you are in this moment. Holding yourself with ease and compassion as you allow your best to rest and rejuvenate, allow this comforting feeling to flow freely in your body with every natural breath fill your body, relax. Every breath is making you feel lighter and lighter, feel all the tension fade away. So just for a few moments allow your awareness to drift thoughts appear. Do not try to resist them. Just allow them to pass on by, notice your thoughts coming and going, just observe their nature without any judgment, without any holding on. Now, imagine yourself getting into a small sailboat and easily maneuvering it. Feel the gentle breeze in the, feel the sun on your skin. The weather is just perfect today, allow any distracting or troubling thoughts to fade in the presence of this magical sunlight. And while the sailboat glides through the calm water, you take a moment to really enjoy the refreshing breeze caressing your cheeks. The gentle breeze takes away all tension and stress as you continue to drift through the crystal clear water. Navigating the sailboat with these, you're just following the natural flow of where it is taking you without any resistance. Without any doubt, you know that you are going to a safe, comfortable place As you continue to drift in your sailboat, you notice you're getting closer to an island shore. This island will be all to yourself to enjoy. It is a completely safe and supported Herber where you can relax where you can find total peace where you can be completely yourself as you continue to get closer and closer to this beautiful island. You observe the nature before you. The island shore is covered in white sand. There are mountains in the nearby distance, you see see birds flying overhead. There are palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. As you get closer and closer now you notice the water is turning into a gentle turquoise color. You can see right through it. It is so clear and so inviting. You noticed a reflection of the sun beaming off the surface of the water. It is glistening and shimmering. When you finally approach the shore, you step off the sailboat and you feel the positive and inviting energy of this island. It makes you want to explore the island deeper. As you step out of the sailboat, you feel the water on your feet. It makes you feel so relaxed and refreshed. The temperature of the water is just right. You notice the luscious green trees and palm trees covering the surroundings of the island. As the breeze picks up a little, you take a deep breath in and notice sense of apricot, lemon, mint mango and apple. You breathe out with a sigh, feeling very happy to be on this island. This is your time. This is your time to relax. This island is all for you to enjoy. With your feet bare. You decide to take a stroll on this island, The sand feels so soft against your feet. You can feel your heels gently push into the sand a little deeper. With each step you continue to stroll along the shore, feeling the light ocean mist against your cheeks, it feels so soothing. The air is fresh and restful. Take a moment to simply walk along the shore and take in the beautiful scenery. And as you walk closer to the shore you notice the water looks incredibly inviting. It laps up to kiss your feet. You enjoy the water shyly caressing your feet as you take in the warm rays of the sun penetrating your skin with tranquility. Take a deep breath in inhaling the warm sun and breathe out slowly and gently, allowing all tension to melt away down into the ground to be washed away by the ocean. You're the gentle waves lap against the shore, picking up all your stress and all your worries. It is carrying it all away from you. Now you notice in the nearby distance the hammock tied in between two palm trees. He walked towards it and lay inside the hammock. You look up to see a clear blue sky above you and admire this peaceful view For a little while swaying gently from side to side, allowing this peaceful rhythm to drift you deeper into relaxation. You were feeling very at ease with yourself. In this moment. After a little while you decided to close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves. Your body is so relaxed and notice your breath. Imagine yourself matching your breath to the rhythm of the waves in the ocean every time a wave comes in, notice the in breath and when the wave retreats, notice the out breath wavin breathe in wave out, breathe out. Just be with the waves for a few more. Leave it to your breath, notice how good the breath feels and how it nourishes you allow the gentle energy of nature to wash in, enjoy this feeling of relaxation and stay here for as long as you like enjoy this island all to yourself. You have arrived in an ideal state of relaxation, being still in this perfect rest, allowing whatever arises to dissolve, holding onto nothing. We've been wave out, breathe out, amen, breathe in, wave out, breathe out. And as the sun begins to set, the color of the water turns pink, the color of the sky turns violet. You give one last glance to this beautiful scene before you and you return to the sailboat and as you extend your gratitude to God for allowing you to relax. You watch the island become a smaller and smaller in the distance as you gently return to wakefulness. Now, knowing that you can always come back here. This is your place so begin to notice your surroundings. Now, tune into any sounds around you, noticing how you feel and when you are ready, open your eyes be blessed