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Zach Hoffman

Nashville, Tennessee

Z!H - Impression - Fiddler on the Roof, Topol, Reb Tevye

Voice Over Animation + 19 More
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Jim Taylor

Quincy, Illinois

Fun, inspirational Bible book read and daily radio feature

Voice Over Radio Ad + 22 More
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Amy Weis

Cincinnati, Ohio

Documentary - Caring, Warm, Sincere Delivery

Voice Over Documentaries + 21 More
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Charlotte Ann

Los Angeles, California

Hands On Partner - Corporate, Business Woman, Serious, Bold, Encouraging, Soft-sell

Voice Over Video Narration + 22 More
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Ruben Crow

London, United Kingdom

UK Character/Cartoon Voices

Voice Over Animation + 21 More
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Scott William

Los Angeles, California

Scott William - African American - Natural, Easy Going, Relaxed, Conversational - Religious

Voice Over Elearning + 19 More
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Preacher Voices

The preacher is a religious character who gives sermons or other lessons on the doctrines specific to a certain faith. The preacher character usually has good social skills and holds strong convictions. The preacher character is a strong presenter, with a voice that carries and exudes wisdom. Preacher characters also aim to be engaging and express their beliefs in an authentic manner, gaining the attention of everyone in the crowd, from the listeners in the front to the furthest row at the back of the audience.

Preacher characters often aim to share a belief system larger than any one person or organisation, and invite others to partake in it. Preachers may share personal testimony, words of hope or encouragement, readings from a text, and invite others to partake through song or call and response interactions. Some preacher characters are more effective than others, with varying degrees of knowledge on their beliefs, previous experience speaking, how well they engage the audience, and the message of their sermons. Most preaching occurs in religious buildings and services, though it can happen in public, or at other events with a focus on theology and religion.

Preacher characters can be seen in numerous forms of media, fictional and non-fictional. Preacher characters can be seen in religious movies and television shows, and more rarely in other forms of media. Self-described preachers in real life most often affiliate with a branch of Christianity, though there are preachers of other religions or spiritual movements as well. Real-life preachers can be seen most often in churches giving sermons on Sundays or Saturdays and recorded in online religious resources. Preachers can also be seen on certain religious television shows and heard on radio programs that discuss religious life. With proper studying of the faith your preacher character is a proponent of, a decent amount of practice presenting beliefs, and faith in your abilities, you can voice a convincing and authentic preacher character!