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Lora Cain is a female voice over actor with a warm, deep, fun sound that can be hip, believable and make you smile. Heard on everything from CNN to Jimmy Kimmel Live to Wheel of Fortune and films and documentaries for national TV shows, she's also known for her conversational and real reads for TV and radio commercials both for broadcast and the internet Her voice has been heard as an announcer, Mom and girl next door on everything from national network to local and regional spots for retail clients like fast food restaurants, furniture and department stores, hospital and medical centers, computer, phone and electronic stores, car dealerships and grocery stores, banks and financial institutions. She's especially effective on corporate educational videos like e learning projects for software and companies, employee training powerpoint presentations and product explanations plus convention announcements that need a voice that is warm and friendly as well as business professional. She can convey a non corporate sound that is upbeat and positive and has intelligence, emotion and humanity. She can make highly technical information from medical to health to oil and gas to education, financial services and cloud technology and convince you she knows exactly what she's talking about whether it's a long script of several hours or multiple projects or a short piece of 2 to 5 minutes or more. She's been heard on network TV promos and movie trailers as well a TV news and radio station promos. Her gift for accents and characters from mystical narrators to playful kids and teens has featured her on videogames including Fallout New Vegas. Lora has extensive experience with political commercials for politicians, PACS and political organizations. Often hired instead of a male voice. Lora Cain cuts through and can be heard! Accents: Southern, Texan, British, NY, Irish, Russian, Caribbean, French, Italian

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