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Mark Holcomb Software Explainer Video

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Explainer Video VO for a Software Solutions company.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, US Mid-Atlantic, US Western


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is outsourcing freight payment The right choice for your company in today's world Cos air tasked with driving down costs and increasing efficiencies. This makes outsourcing attractive and in many instances, the right choice problem is passing millions of dollars to afraid payment firm, Be a little scary. How can you trust funds aren't mismanaged on that carrier's air Being paid most great payment companies consider secure check stock, positive pay controls, fidelity insurance and sock reports as the only means to promote confidence in the process. This black box approach fosters little assurance. And it's simply not enough. S s. I has a different answer. Of course we deliver all the standard controls the other firms offered. But we take things a step further way. Let you see everything Total transparency from fund transfer to carrier payment At S s. I we believe confidence and peace of mind is built on independent verification and full visibility to the process. This is accomplished by working directly with our bank to provide nearly instant updates to where funds Aaron, the payment lifecycle. Yes, Outsourcing break payment is the right decision. When you partner with S s I our clients trust us with millions You can have that peace of mind to S s I timely and accurate. Great payment. A transparent approach you can trust Toe learn more about our break payment process. Download our white paper or contact us today.