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Papa's Car Wash - Informative - Descriptive

Voice Over • Video Narration


A virtual tour of a local car wash

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Welcome to your virtual tour of Pappas Express. Carwash pop is opened in October of 2017 in the rapidly growing community of Saratoga Springs, Utah. The wash is located in the center Saratoga Kitty Corner from Walmart. On the south side, across Rowe Boulevard in front of tractor supply are three automated pay stations. Allow customers to choose a wash package that fits their needs and budget. The 135 foot express tunnel with easy turning radius provides easy access even for the largest of vehicles. Papa is also provides 21 free vacuum stalls for the use of our customers to clean the interior of the vehicle. A mat cleaners also provided to clean floor mats for small fee. Our parking stalls air angled for easy access and exit. The wash is open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. In the summer months and until 7 p.m. In the winter. If you've never been through Pappas, let's take you on a virtual tour. Turning into Pappas from Exchange Drive, you'll notice three different lanes ahead of you. The far left lane is exclusively for our monthly customers. However, the middle and outside lanes are for all customers. In this tour, we choose the middle lane. As we arrive at the gate, the kiosk pay station will welcome you to Pappas and ask you to select one of our individual washes or purchase a wash pass. The five washes build upon each other with the higher wash, including everything on the lower wash are limited. Pass Wash allows daily washes with no contract. Currently, we have over 4000 active members. After payment is received or your windshield passes recognized, the gate will open, allowing you to proceed forward and make a left turn into the wash tunnel. Apopka's loader will guide your vehicle onto our conveyor. Watch their hand signals for proper alignment. Once your position onto the conveyor loader will tell you to stop, they will also remind you to follow the instructions. On the left side of our entry arch, including putting your car into neutral are higher wash Packages. Include are Popular Poppies towel, which is used to wipe down the inside of your vehicle. An air freshener is also included in our Diamond Wash package. Both are provided at this time by your wash loader After a few seconds, your vehicle will begin to be pushed through the wash tunnel by our conveyor. Don't touch the steering will or apply. Your brakes are tunnel pushes your car long and a consistent one foot per second. The first application on your vehicle is a pre so chemical to lubricate the car surface. We also apply a bug remover in the summer. Shortly, you experience a complete coating of high PH soap to break up the dirt on your vehicle. You will feel the foam wraps. Massage the soap onto your car, ensuring full penetration. After a few seconds, a triple phone application will provide additional cleaning on our top to wash packages. Our wash works on the principle of high pressure and light touch after soap and wraps have hit your vehicle. The high pressure water is applied is a rinse if chosen waxes applied before the side to side. Mitter goes over your vehicle after the Mitter clear. Cohen weather protection is also applied, along with a low pH rinse. The last water rinses are manufactured spot free are a water which allows drying without spotting almost immediately and intentionally after the spot runs, we hit your vehicle with our flash dryer, which removes about 50% of the water in your car with a single blower. The last treatment is to the tires as a water based higher shine is applied if chosen during your wash selection. The final process is the drying of the vehicle by 18 high area blowers, which are designed to force air on toe every angle of your vehicle before exiting at Papa, as we have more blowers than most every other car wash to maximize drying, an exit sign will guide you as to when the wash is complete, and then you could make another left turn into one of our free vacuum stalls or exit the wash if not needed. Thanks again for visiting poppers on your virtual tour. We hope to see you soon.