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Here is a sample of my range with a few character spots

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Hi, I'm Melanie Davis. I'm not waiting here while you go get yourself killed. Wes Besides, I can hold my own. These categories are stronger than they look. I'm trying wes but I still can't reach the forest field. I never sweat. I'm a penguin. I'm always super cool. I may not be able to fly but I can belly bug in like a torpedo searching for Princess Maddalena for days now. Oh, I don't think we're ever going to find her. And on top of all that, this wind is simply ruining my hair. I'm sorry, I can't allow that diverting energy to the propulsion system would limit the amount of oxygen I can disperse throughout the cabin. My primary objective is to keep you unharmed. Please take note of the office rules. No coughing, sneezing or breathing in my direction. But help yourself to a mint. You needed Dude Mason did a backflip off the cliff at the lookout last night. The dudes are straight up ledge. E right now. I can't believe you bailed on the party bro. Hi, Mikey. You smell nice today. Are you wearing cologne or deodorant or did you take a shower? It's imperative to add a transparent chemical substance that contains motto oxygen and dual hydrogen atoms connected by covalin bonds. In other words, you should add some water to that