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An E-Learning explainer video for property owners looking to use new technology to make their business more efficient and profitable.

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many people walk down this street every day and like Emma, they'd love to tour the building and see if any of the apartments would be that perfect fit. But unfortunately for them and for the management, the rental office isn't open all day and there's no system in place for unattended showings. Ah there's William, the building superintendent always stressed out and of course he is, that's a tenant informing him about a pipe burst emergency on the fifth floor. Ouch, that really doesn't look great at all. On the average day, superintendents like William deal with a range of different problems from heat blasting and vacant apartments, two toilets running and wasting water. They deal with it all but with props Ella change is possible and smart building technology is the way forward from the simplicity of a cloud enabled mobile application. You can manage and monitor your building from virtually anywhere in the world because our technology is based on cellular connectivity. It's more secure, resilient and reliable than other smart building solutions that utilize wifi when the weather gets rough. Our systems keep running so your buildings and tenants are protected with smart access. Unattended showings are now easily accomplished. Are secure systems allow tenants workmen and package deliveries to take place seamlessly through a secure system that tracks every access key less entry keeps tenants happy and renewing their leases year after year. Plus it saves you money on re keying expenses and key management time. The smart water solution can effectively find water leaks running toilets and other sources of water waste. In fact the smart water valve is so advanced that in an emergency you can even entirely shut off the water in an affected unit plumbing branch or the entire building. That is asset protection at its finest. Smart temperature control allows you to set low and high temperature ranges and quickly identify problems that waste energy or damage your property, keeping your tenants comfortable and helping your bottom line prop. Zella also offers video and video intercom solutions, as well as lighting and audio controls for new construction. Our clients love us because we're trustworthy, dependable and experts in our industry contact props L. A. Today to get your building smart enabled and start enjoying reduced risk happier tenants in a better bottom line for yourself and your real estate investors.