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Medical and healthcare narration - UK British English

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Examples of my recent work for medical and healthcare companies

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English (British)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC), England - South East (Oxford, Sussex)


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as the ventricles begin to contract. The increased pressure causes the trick US speed and mitral valves to close the cord tendon a act like a doorstop by limiting the movement of the bow flaps, preventing them from opening backwards into the atrium. You're invited to take part in this study because you're 18 to 65 years of age and living with viral hepatitis B. Also referred to as HBV, this study will test a combination of three experimental HPV vaccines. In EMEA. We grow adaptive leaders who pioneered new ways of doing business and who advance healthcare systems through our innovative products and treatments. This is the media. The information contained in this video is intended to be general information that applies to most patients. It's not a substitute for the specific instructions provided to you by your doctor on behalf of the entire team. We thank you for choosing Fresno Bariatric. We're a company that exists to serve science. We understand there is little margin for error in the work that you do. You can count on Kim Teck to be your partner in delivering value to you, your customers and consumers