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British, North American


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raise his head high. Let them see their king. Hey look Angel, you don't have to do this man, please please Angel, I'm begging you don't do it man, please. There's $4 million inside of a briefcase inside the hotel. You can take it all man. Please let me go. Why do you hide your face from me? Runner, are we not the same? You and I? I have seen the face of those who do not speak of this one here and that one there. Yes, only a few more hours then I, the great dr Feynman shall be the ruler of the world. Why? Why did you take her? That's what I want to know. Tell me or I'll cut your throat. Yeah, she's the kind of gal that'll get you real hot under the collar. Alright. She's also the kind of gal that will leave you penniless and calling the little wife crying in the morning. She's smart, pretty and she killed her husband. Whoa! Easy girl. Easy. So this is it. One last ride against El Diablo. May God have mercy on our souls. Let's go boys one last time. I know what you landlubbers be looking for, you, be looking for devil's Island. I call on the powers of the dark stone. Give me your power. Why? Hello There Little one. I am, Monta, the wood troll. Say. Have you seen anything strange in the woods today? ****! I'm out of ammo. Hey Don, if you've got any more bright ideas now's the time. Do you know what scares kids More than clouds. More clouds. If I am ladder rightful heir to the Kingdom of panther, If it is war they want, it is war. They will get, he's in here with us, priest, come in and get her right. You just don't get it, do you? The boss wants more than money. He wants your life and I'm going to give it to him.