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Student Short Film, Italian-American Mob Boss Dialogue1960s New York

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Vincenzo is a stern, threatening, and ruthless mob boss in the 1960s. He is tasking Bruno with a crime that he has to commit. Vincenzo is weary of Bruno's commitment to the mob and he is extra firm and threatening with him.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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place ain't half bad. You think I'm a But I saw Sandra pop in the cab earlier today after her mother's. Again, some of my guys tailed her just looking out. You hear what they're saying, Bruno cops are following every lead, they can get their money, ******* paws on. I'm talking to the ******* guy that lost three launderers Because someone didn't want to take it no further. Now you're getting nothing. I'm gonna make this very clear. Carmine's on 83rd. You know the one? Well I need you to send a message. They have not been paying and we've given them plenty of warning. I want their eyes one each that way they can still count the ******* money that they owe me. There's not much of a choice here. You wouldn't want Sandra and her mother to find out. Perhaps I'll pay them a visit. Get me what I ask, be quick. I just wanted to come by and say good work. You don't have to but you wanna know something interesting, Bruno Last night at the same time you were out at Old Carmine's out of the blue. Three of my guys ended up in the slammer over some counterfeit bags, ******* bags, Bruno anonymous tip. They said you expect me to believe that someone like yourself didn't leave that tip to cover their own ***. Oh I understand plenty. Oh you've done enough