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    Criminal Voices

    The criminal is an opportunistic and law-defying character who commits crimes. The criminal is usually the antagonist or a lesser villain in his or her story, though the criminal can also play the role as an anti-hero, or rarely, a hero. A criminal may have many different motives for committing a crime, and have either a one dimensional or a three dimensional character, depending on the story he or she is written into.

    A criminal may behave in many different ways, depending on the motivation and character of the criminal. A criminal may be driven by anger, revenge, selfishness, insanity, desperation or other motives. Some criminals, such as fraudsters and shoplifters may be mostly non-violent and avoid confrontation. Other criminals, like mobsters and other violent criminals are more aggressive and use intimidation to get their way. Criminals may be sound minded, or they may be of unstable mind, and have that reflected in their voices. Criminals may show remorse, or not. Criminals may have understandable reasons to commit crime, such as whistleblowing, or have no good reason to commit a crime.

    Criminals sound differently when they are in different circumstances. In a heist, a criminal may be intimidating, yelling and threatening others. When planning a crime or engaging in non-violent crime, a criminal may be quiet, whispering to accomplices. Criminals may have close friendships with accomplices, such as in the mafia or a gang, and be trusting, or they may be suspicious of fellow criminals they enter a crime with. Criminals may either resist arrest, yelling and lashing out, or allow themselves to be arrested, speaking politely, or at least in a polite tone, to arresting officers. Criminals may lie, or be honest in interrogations, either acting deceptively or showing remorse for their crimes. Some criminals may commit crimes for what they see as good causes, such as in the case of Robin Hood or are not really criminals, but were accused or framed, and profess their innocence.

    The criminal category is broad and diverse, with different motives, character traits, levels of guilt and character development affecting how a criminal is voiced in myriad circumstances. The best way to figure out how to voice the criminal you’ve been hired to voice is to analyse the character and find movies or television shows about, or even interrogations of suspects of, crimes similar in nature and circumstance to the character you are voicing. Factoring in the personality of the character if the character is nuanced can also help you voice the character, especially in scenes where something criminal in nature may not be happening. If you practice and prepare your criminal voice, you are sure to steal the job!