The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

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An extract from Muriel Spark’s novel, read in standard Scots with direct speech Edinburgh characters

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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This is an extract from bureau sparks, the prime of Miss Jean Brodie. The girls who lighted beneath the tree, shoulder to shoulder very close to each other because of the boys, were all famous for something. Now at 16, Monica Douglas was a prefect famous mostly for mathematics, which she could do in her brain and for her anger, which, when it was lively enough, blow over to slop out too right and left. She had a very red nose, winter and summer long dark platz and fat peg like legs. Since she had turned 16, Monica wore her Panama hat rather higher on her head. The normal approached as if it were too small on, as if she knew she looked grotesque. In any case, Rose Stanley was famous for sex. Her hat was placed quite unobtrusively on her blond short hair, but she dented in the crown on either side. Eunice Gardner, small, neat and famous for her sprightly gymnastics and glamorous swimming, had the room of her hat turned up at the front and down at the back. Sandy, stronger were it turned up all round on this far back on her head as it could possibly go to assist this shed attached to her hat a strip off elastic, which went under the chin. Sometimes Sandy chewed this elastic, and when it was chewed down, she sold on a new piece. She was merely notorious for her small, almost non existent eyes. But she was famous for her vowel sounds, which long ago, in the long past in the junior school, had enraptured Miss Brodie. Well, come and recite for us, please, because it's been a tiring day. She left the Web. She left the loom. She made three paces through the room. She saw the water lily bloom. She saw the helmet and the plume. She looked down to Camelot. It lifts one up. Miss Brodie usually said possible hand outwards from her breast towards the class of 10 year old girls who were listening for the bell, which would release them. Where there is no vision, Miss Brody had assured them, the people perish Unice *** into a somersault in order that we may have comic relief