Lewis Grassic Gibbon, ‘Smeddum’

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A sample reading in Aberdeenshire accent with dialect direct speech.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Scottish (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
This is an extract from Louis Classic given short Storey smelled, Um, she took nine of our family and our time Mistress Menzies, and broke the nine off them up for by some near by the scruff of the neck. You would say they were snuffed a ring and weekly to three of the bear and sniffed ling in their cradles to get into coffins. But she'd shake them, tow life and does the results and feed them up so they couldn't but live and should plunk one down, finishing the wiping of the creature's name of the uncle dozing oven, Elbit stomach or the binding of a broken head with a look on her face as much as to say, Die on me, No and see what you'll get. Big Bone. She was by her 40th year like a big grown mayor on DH. If ever she was born, it was a noise type joke. Menzies, our eldest son, would say, should reddish hair and a high school nose on a hand scalped her way through life and if ever, are so a senior at rest with the dark was done of the day was come. He died of the shock and never let on for From Morn till night. She was at it work work on our Elbit Croft slope to the sea when there wasn't a mist on the cold stone parks, there was more than likely the whip of the rain, willing and dripping in from the sea that soft and splashed by the land. Stiff edge Conair flay north and at night in the south of the sky was clear in the gloaming sedge you'd see in that sky. The Barbie lights come suddenly like far away was the quiet about Jewish student looked nothing to hear, but the sea birds cry but faint. The much time it took to listen had Margaret menses a tortilla, too. They blinked and Meg did the same and was out up out of her bed and about the house, making the porridge, roasting the bairns on onto the buyer to milk the three Kai the morning, growing out in the east and wind like a hail of knives from the hills. Sign back to the kitchen again. She would be and catch Joker eldest, a clout on the lug that he hadn't roused up. His sisters and brothers on, rouse them herself and feed them and scold, fill up the bricks and straightened their frocks, polish their shoes and set their caps. Street off you get and CIA nor late she would cry and see you behave yourselves a skill and tell the dominant I'll be doing the next. Ask what the mischief was meant by lettering Ginny and had not. Well, they'd cry I mother on go, trotting away a fair flock of the creatures that face is red scoured her own as red like a mickle room. Mayor's maggot turned at the door and go prancing in. And then at last but the closet bad. Lean over and shake her man half awake. Go on, then we'll lay. It's time you let up and he'd grown and say past and crawl out at last a little bit like a weasel. Will Menzies. There's some said that weasels were distant beside him. He was drinking himself into the grave, folks said. Of course. A little brute issued meat bone, lazy for by and sly, a son from pages and ill with her tongue, though she was, you couldn't but pity a woman like mag tied up for life. Nothing like that. But she's more than a soft side. Still to the creature. She'd half scalped the backside from any of the band. She phoned in the telling of a small but lie. But when Menzies would come pick in in of a noon on growing, that affair was touched with his work. He mended all the leaf ends that day, and he doubted he needs to be off to his bed when he told her that on attained to the blankets and maybe unless, in the space of an hour she'd hold out for the chi and see that he'd lied. The fence neither mended. No, let it be, she just purse up Bickle light mouth and see nothing. Her eyes was a glimpse. Mazo she half loved when he came drunken home from a mark. She'd shoot the Children out of the room and take off his clothes and put him to bed with an extra neck to keep off a chilled