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    Teacher'S Pet Voices

    The teacher’s pet is a character who does all he or she can to gain the respect and friendship of all the teachers he or she encounters. The teacher’s pet character is talkative, friendly and quick to speak up in class. The teacher’s pet character is also rather legalistic, and takes joy in tattling on other students who do not strictly follow the teacher’s classroom rules. The teacher’s pet character usually receives praise and other benefits in the means of higher marks and recommendations for extracurriculars such as student council in return for his or her compliments, engagement in the class and obedience shown toward the teacher.

    Teacher’s pet characters are seen most often in elementary school settings, though they can be found in middle school, high school and college or university settings. Teacher’s pet characters are frequent volunteers, answering questions in class, asking the teacher about his or her day, and requesting opportunities to help the teacher, such as asking if he or she can be the student who takes the attendance sheet down to the main office. Teacher’s pet characters may also remind the teacher about homework the teacher forgot about, report another student who is playing with a toy in his or her desk, or otherwise act in a fashion that garners acrimonious feelings from other students, which may lead to bullying or the teacher intervening.

    Teacher’s pet characters can be seen most often in movie and television shows aimed toward a younger audience, especially school aged children. In the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, a background character with the name ‘Teacher’s Pet’ embodies this role. If you have children or a sharp memory, you can also reflect on real life teacher’s pets either your child or you yourself have interacted with in the past. With enough practice, you can speak with the perfect teacher’s pet character voice.