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This is an audiobook narration for a children's story -- a mystery story with a secret passage way. The narration is done with a young adult voice.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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Chapter One. The door. What's that? Jasmine asked. It's a door, answered Samantha. What else would it be? Samantha? Where Sam, as everyone called her, rolled her eyes. Why did her little sister Jasmine or Jazz as everyone called her always ask questions about such obvious things. But I've never seen it before. Said Jazz. Yeah, I guess you're right. Said Sam. She had to admit it was strange in all the years she had played in the basement. She could not remember ever seeing that door. It was in the darkest corner of the basement behind the water heater. Maybe she had just never played right there before. She didn't know why, but her body gave a little shiver. Let's go and find Zeb. Sam said, let's see if he's ever seen it. Zeb was Sam and Jazz Brother two years younger than Sam and two years older than jazz. They found Zeb in the driveway. He had leaned a piece of wood against two bricks to make a ramp and was trying to ride his bike down. It crash. Every time I try it breaks. Mon Zeb, Zeb, you've got to come quick, yelled Jazz