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    TV Host Voices

    The TV host is a character who hosts a television show. The TV host is an entertaining, welcoming and trustworthy character. The TV host character can be seen in almost all forms of television programming. The TV host character is usually hired by a company for his or her skill in presenting, or commentating on, a topic he or she is passionate about. The TV host character may work with other people on the show, such as co-hosts, guests or interviewees. The TV host character is usually formal, though this depends on the genre of show, and always professional. The emotional tone of the TV host character can vary, depending on the theme of the show he or she hosts.

    TV host characters appear in many different kinds of television shows; and their performances, attitudes and presentation differ widely depending on the subject at hand. A TV host character acting as a newscaster on a news or sports channel aims to be factual, trustworthy and relatively unbiased. A news commentator or sports commentator may insert commentary alongside factual information. TV host characters who work in the television genres of comedy, game shows or other forms of reality TV are less formal, cracking jokes and interacting with the audience and contestants. TV host characters who represent a channel may speak less, as is the case in cartoon channels, while still acting as recognizable spokespeople for the channel.

    TV host characters who host shows with large casts, particularly talk shows and news casting shows, have numerous responsibilities as the host of such shows. TV host characters frequently ask questions, and interview, or engage in dialogue with, other members of the show. TV host characters may be surprised in talk shows and express happiness, disappointment, or other emotions on receiving news, or observing other members of the show in events related to the show.

    TV host characters can be seen in a wide array of settings. TV host characters are most frequently seen in real life television settings; whether they be hosting a show for informative purposes or entertainment purposes. TV host characters can also be seen in fiction on occasion, especially those in the news host subcategory. By observing TV host characters closely related to the subgenre of the television host character you are voicing, you can identify the best traits to incorporate into your voice. Incorporating these traits and practising your presentation skills will ensure you can voice a television host character everyone wants to tune in to hear speak!