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Each spot in this demo has a different feel. Fun and witty, serious, quirky, educational, medical, and conversational. Thanks for listening!

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nobody really likes employee orientation. And if you do your weird, the good news is that orientation at in and out doesn't suck. Nearly as bad as our competitors that right there is worth its weight in mustard. Speaking of mustard, we'll get into all the off menu cooking options that could ever possibly come up Because really the basic menu wasn't that much of an achievement and memorization to begin with. There will be a quiz at the end. That part does suck. You'll need a score of 80% to pass this course, but you'll probably need a score of 100% to be ready for that angry customer who's had enough to last a lifetime and he's next in line and ready to let you have it tap next to continue. It's no secret. Everybody experiences unconscious bias. This is how our brains are wired to receive and sort through information on a day to day basis. We don't always realize when we're giving preferential treatment to an individual or group and this can be damaging to relationships at all levels. The good news is, we can absolutely do things to change it. Click next to learn more. The pro CBT 2000 by cuisinart is a high performance, heavy duty blending powerhouse equipped with blades that can make short work of your fingers To keep all your digits where they belong, which is on your hand. We humbly request that you keep that hand out of the inside of the blender jar when attached the blender. If it's plugged in, you might need those fingers for something later. And besides the meat grinder attachment goes on the SM 50 s silly based on research at the johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer center and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Analysis of tumor samples from patients with high grade Sarah's ovarian carcinomas confirmed that lesions found in the fallopian tubes called Sarah's tubal intra epithelial carcinomas have been identified as being present. An average of 6.5 years prior to discovery of ovarian cancers. While 30% of all ovarian cancers currently may not be found to have origins in these lesions. The remaining 70% show promise for early detection. Clinical trials are scheduled to determine if fallopian tube removal will reduce ovarian cancer diagnoses for high risk patients. Three subcategories have been identified in the spectrum of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder patients which outline how symptoms can manifest. These subcategories include combined inattentive and hyperactive impulsive A. D. H. D. C. Predominantly inattentive A. D. H. D. I. And predominantly hyperactive impulsive A. D. H. D. H. I. Identifying the clinical presentations and diagnosed Children can help guide treatment plans with maximum efficacy. Excellent presentation, Jason. I appreciate your attention to detail in the global outreach methodology but I have some concerns that there may be loopholes in the execution of domestic awareness initiatives. Thanks for the feedback Irene. Could you help me understand what you're seeing so that we can make corrections, what I'm seeing has to do with the rollout you're keeping local efforts assigned to in house staff. While global awareness is outsourced to organizations with a proven track record of success. We need both angles to hit the ground running, try outsourcing domestic as well, and then reposition those internal resources as support Irene. That's brilliant. Can we set a follow up meeting to go over logistics?