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CHARACTER VOICE DEMO 2020 - RYAN MCMANUS ★★★★★ ( Animation , Video Games , Hero , Youthful , Villain , Cartoon )

Voice Over • Animation

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British, North American, Scottish


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Yeah. Hurry up and crawl through. I can't hold this thing all day. What do you standing there for? Don't worry about me. Get out of here. I'm just trying to enjoy myself all while making the world a better place. And if that means heroes have more time on their hands, I guess I wouldn't really consider that a bad thing, would you? So troublesome. I'm not here to make friends with you. I'm just here for the money. So you can either help me and we can both get paid or you can get out of my way. And I'll gladly take your cut. I swear to goad and old things unholy. If I don't hear Greensleeves in D minor in the next thing seconds, I'll send you to the void. Now make it snappy, piano boy. Some Comey, roguish, really handsome. Others Comey handsomely roguish. But you can call me Ryan and I'll call you tonight. What exactly were you searching for again? My dear boy, A potion. Oh, yes, yes, the potion. Oh, I do hope it wasn't not one. Normally, I'd hate to waste a good point, Teoh, but this looks like a fight to can't pass up the enemy fleet Honing in on your location. Recommendation? Retreat! I repeat, recommendation. Retreat, please. I'm begging you to retreat. I don't want to dio.