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Veteran News Man Walter VonFright with a Zombie update.

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we interrupt this program to bring you the following news alert here. Now in New York, it's CDX senior news editor Walter of on Friday. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great concern that we bring you this information with me on the phone. This health expert, Doctor Mortimer Mud, with me in the studio is the President Oven Organization, from which we will all doubtless be hearing more. I want to make certain I have your name. Correct? It is Jose him a nose, Is that correct? A. And you're president of the Zombie Order of World Domination. Is that correct? Dr. Mudd? Are you able to hear May? Yes, Walter. We have a good connection to your studio. What is the nature of this emergency? As you see it, Walter, we hold seen at least one movie about flesh eating zombies taking over. I have personally seen the movie Zombieland. That was truly disturbing. Well, right now the Pentagon is reporting that zombies air taking over entire countries, roaming city streets and eating anything living that gets in their way. Those countries now rated as Category five include France, Greece and Brazil. Those countries do not connect geographically wouldn't it have made more sense for geographically bordering countries to have been infected? We thought so, too, which tends to make us believe that a human castle element is somehow involved. You're saying this was planned by someone? Yes. Walter, these epidemics here to have been planned. God only knows what countries air next. Mystery May knows. I am advised that your organization is claiming control over these nations. Is that correct? And if so, why booing? Doctor Mudd, do you have suggestions on what our audience can do to protect themselves? Well, first, you need to have an emergency kit in your home and business. The kit should include water, food and general supplies like medicines, tools and utilities like battery powered radios, bleach, soap towels, clothing and fellows to get you through the first week until you can locate any zombie free and Campins. I understand most of these needs, doctor, but what I don't understand is why the criticality of pillows. They hardly seem like a necessity. Well, Walter, some of these zombies may in fact, be women. I don't think either one of us would want to be a party of Anne Group that would harm women. Doctor. I see your points. Are there any other reminders for our audience? While our audience should make certain that they have copies of their driver's license, passport and birth certificates and they should make sure they have a good set of first aid supplies? Excellent points. Doctor Mudd. I'm getting ah, hard rep from the floor director. We'll be back with more information as it's available. This is Walter von Frights reporting for CBS X Years. This has been a CBS News special report with Anchorman Walter Von Right way now return to our regular programming already in progress. This is CBS hometown.