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When was the last time you needed some data and you couldn't get it Pretty frustrating. Right now the world is changing fast. New ways to prevent, diagnose or treat diseases pop up every day we learn mawr about smart manufacturing and the priorities of our clients to we at buyer have to respond fast. But if you and your colleagues can't get to the data you all need, we can never keep up. That's what Pharma 3 60 focuses on. We find the data from millions of data sources so you can access and work with it. We make the data interoperable so it could be used by multiple systems and scientists. Then we make it possible to reuse the data for our needs again and again. Simply put, we do a lot of heavy lifting to create a p. I s that give you access to the data that you need to revolutionize your project or business. Imagine what you could do. Support physicians with their diagnosis on the spot or no, the priorities of your clients and give them what they care about before they ask. Anything is possible. Having all the data at your fingertips. Where will you begin, Farmer 3. 60. Plug and play data