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people's lives are hectic, and then some. They're constantly pulled in one direction or another and forced to make choices. It's not easy. And somewhere on that laundry list of two, Duce is choosing where to eat. So why should they choose us? If we want them to sit down and join us for a meal, we have to connect with them. We have to let them know we get them and want to help them, that we understand the dilemmas they're dealing with. Love or duty, career or family, what they have to do or what they'd rather dio getting things done or just getting away from it all. What's good for them or what feels good. The routine of been there, eaten that or the unknown of trying something new. They want the choosing to be easier, and they want an escape. They seek a personal oasis, even if it's just for a quick bite. So what if we could help them? What if they didn't have to choose one over the other? What if there was a place that turned or into, and a place where they could get their minds right and do right by their body where they could satisfy their cravings and feel good about it afterwards, a place where a better tasting and better for you came in the same cup. They'd be a lot happier and healthier. And that's how we make a difference by giving people a better way to eat by turning or into and we make everything easier and better and smoother. Tropical Smoothie Cafe We help people live smooth.