This demo showcases my natural range. Young child to Young Adult, and ranging from more serious to more goofy in tone.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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Steven Sanders. I am sick of being stuck in this limbo, this place from numb to anything remotely un crap tastic. We're not going back there. Hey, look at me. I promise there's a world of difference between Gina typing and sequencing. Not that I expect a philistine such as yourself to know the difference they waste. And with her, yes, but not you. You'll outlive any child, all love once cherished parishes, and it'll feel like fleeting moments. But who will The lucky galbi? That's right, gal. You like that? I'm bringing it back when I'm with her. It's like him on the drugs. My mom doesn't think I know she keeps in her purse. Not that I condone recreational drug use. Well, I hate to disagree. Oh, my kidding. Disagreeing with Kerrigan is at the top of my daily activities board. It's not stupid, Len. Having dreams isn't stupid.