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40 years ago today Cats opened on broadway. The musical was based on the poetry collection. Old possum's book of practical cats by T. S. Eliot, which Andrew Lloyd Webber had developed by setting music to it. The musical's original London production ran for 21 years with almost 9000 performances. Cats let the memory live again. Welcome to san Diego, home of America's most elite military unit. The Navy seals. Every Navy seal endures the same grueling training. Unlike any in the world, the very best of the best immune globulin subcutaneous human hip is a 16.5% immune globulin solution for subcutaneous infusion, indicated for treatment of primary hume, oral immuno deficiency in adults and pediatric patients. Two years of age and older. Happy dog is always right here in this moment, tongue out, tail wagging pet me, pet me, pet me lick lick lick like like a happy dog isn't living in the abstract, A happy dog isn't worried about ambition. A happy dog is pure joy. Imagine yourself eating prosciutto with burrata. Caprese and carbonara argentine while sipping vinnie rossi di multiple Ciano and emilia Romania or having pan con tomate Karaca Hamani. Barocco while sipping tempranillo Ribera del duero and Malaga Spain everywhere I go. There's a sound deep in the ocean, far away in the desert, there's modern sounds technology. We call that noise tv radio phones, news, emails, tweets. That's why we now need noise canceling headphones. I stood alone in a college basketball arena wearing tattered shoes and wondering if I'd ever get to college and frustrated. I threw the ball over my head behind my back from the half court line and I said, well if it goes in then and then what performing artists qualify if they provide services in the arts for two or more employers and receive at least $200 in wages from those jobs? What if you're self employed? I. R. S. Form 21 06 reports deductible employee business expenses to the I. R. S.