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heartfelt , warm , touching , emotional , reverent , British , genuine , heartwarming , honest , authentic , proud , believable

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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What does it take to make a cinema one of its kind? What way is it the size of its screens? The number of its seats booth amount of tickets it sells way believe that what makes a cinema great is the passion of the people who take part memories. It creates the hard work of its volunteers. It's the commitment to break barriers and spread it's shaping and experience working for others behind the scenes. It's the attention to every detail, creating a legacy. It's the sense of belonging. It's the moments shared together. These are the values that have guided us from the beginning. These are the things that inspires every day. This is what makes reading film bit one of its kind. So, too, are volunteers to A members, to our supporters on DH to our audience. Thank you for 50 amazing years reading film