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This clip was taken from a book of poetry and prose. Hopefully you can hear some of the emotion.

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Young Adult (18-35)




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I hope the moon kicks you and the sun laughs. But I hope you get those flowers I sent on my behalf. I hope your day's air dark and your night are haunting. But I hope you find love because that's all you've been wanting. I hope time speeds up for you and leaves you broken. But I hope you travel the world seizing every moment. I sometimes hope you suffer and you don't know why. I hope you find someone to dry the tears from your eyes. You see, a part of me loves you and wishes you nothing but the best. Still, it's a part of me that is broken and hope your whole life is a mess. So I hope one day you're happy and there's no bad blood between us until that day in time. I hope you don't get famous