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Excerpt from children's book

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Here's a sample from a charming children's book where young Jacob learns that broccoli can make him Super Strong!

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Jacob was sad. The boys at school were being mean to him, the boy said. Ha, ha, You're not as strong as we are or as fast as we are and your football skills are rubbish. Jacob fell over and grazed his knee. Ouch! He cried. Mum picked Jacob up from school. She saw his sore knee. What happened, Jacob? She asked. Mom was worried. Jacobs shrugged his shoulders and turned away. He didn't say a word. When Jacob and Mom got home, Mom tried to talk to him again. But still, Jacob didn't say anything. He went straight upstairs to his bedroom. Jacob was very unhappy. Then, all at once, he noticed something strange. To his surprise, his wardrobe began to rock from side to side, and suddenly there was a knock from behind the wardrobe door. Jacob stared. Whose there he called. There was no reply. Just silence. Who's there? Jacob called again. After a moment, the wardrobe doors open with a Cree. It was dark inside, then, to green, eyes appeared and a broccoli stepped out of the wardrobe. He looked strong on confident, and he wore a super red cape. Hello, Jacob, said the broccoli. I Mr Broccoli. Tell me, why are you sad? Jacob sat on the floor beside his bed and looked very surprised. ERM hello, Mr Broccoli. I'm sad because the mean boys don't want to play with me. I not is strong or is confident as they are. Mr. Broccoli smiled. You can be confident to Jacob. He said you just need to believe in yourself.