Medical Narration



The demo features E-Learning, Medical Narration, Biology, and Commercials. Both adult female and senior female voices are included.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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older people tend to be more sensitive to drugs than younger adults. If you experience dizziness, constipation, upset, stomach mood changes or other symptoms after taking a drug, then you should call your doctor. Take time to learn about your medications and make sure to bring up any questions with your doctor. Research has uncovered many drivers of B cell malignancies. Among these is Bruton's tyrosine kindness. Upon activation, this kindness activity initiates a downstream signaling cascade that leads to be cell survival and proliferation. I am a nurse. I'm an ally. Ah, healer and a prevention ist. I am an advocate, protector and innovator. I am a Dartmouth Hitchcock nurse, making a difference every day. Over 150 million Americans take medication every day. Pill Pack is a new kind of pharmacy that sorts your medication by date and time and delivers it directly to your door. Switch to pill Pack a simpler pharmacy. My doctor wanted me to get one of those emergency pendants that let you call for help, and I said, That's not for me. That's for some old person thin. One day I slipped. The pain was terrible and I couldn't get to the phone, so I pushed the button. It was so good to hear a d. T. At the other end