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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US South)


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Do you have any idea why they could have been taken? I asked. He shook his head. All we could find out was that they were all unmarried and in their twenties, the men in the village think it could have been a roaming band of demons, but I would have scented them around the area, Unmarried women in their 20's butterflies turn to stones as I glanced back at the sign, the sign that was no longer my name, Felix scratched the back of his head and looked down sheepishly. This is where I need you to try not to get mad. What did you do? I may have gone down to the courthouse and registered us as a married couple. A blinked. How you shouldn't be able to do that without me? Don't we both need to sign and say vows to a priest or something? Well, yes, that's what the clerk said at 1st. At first I asked, not liking where this was going at first. He nodded, but with the church being burned down. And you know the economy Felix? I said, impatience bleeding in my voice. Well, it turns out if you show up with claws, fangs and three orcs, they'll let you do just about anything. His tone lightened like someone who found a great bargain on a fleece at the market. Dizziness made me sway on my feet. Where married? Yes, he said, almost hesitant. Like married, married Felix tilted his head. Do humans have multiple kinds of marriages? I'm married to a man? I meant no less than three days ago. Man who holds up a courthouse with a gaggle of mary ******* orcs. I need a drink. I think that would be wise. Yes. He guided me down the walkway of my, our home. My mind was reeling, just focusing on putting one ft in front of the other lamb. Yes, I asked. I know I've pushed well past all sense of boundaries, but I have one request. Shoot. His gaze drifted to mine, a light pink blush across his face. Can I carry you over the threshold sign? I stopped in front of the door. **** it, Why not?