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    Southern Belle Voices

    The southern belle is a female character who lives in southern regions of the United States. The southern belle character is usually a younger adult, and often unmarried. The southern belle character is kind, sophisticated, caring, gentle and generous. The southern belle character is also good natured; and enjoys having fun. Southern belle characters are known for being intellectual and refined, as well. The southern belle character can be rather vain, often staying out of the sun to avoid looking like a manual labourer, and places a high value on physical beauty.

    The southern belle character is very sociable and friendly, though she can assert herself politely if the need arises. The southern belle character is flirtatious, in an innocent and polite manner. The southern belle character later grows into the role of the southern woman. Modern southern belle characters may simply be ladies proud of their southern heritage and culture. These characters often still hold to the same traditional values such as family, faith and patriotism as the historical southern belles did, but can come from any economic standing; and have a more independent role today.

    The southern belle character is most often seen in historical settings, as a wealthier lady on a plantation or ranch. The southern belle character is most common in historical films or television, as well as appearing in romance films or television shows. One example of a southern belle character would be ​​Charlotte La Bouff, a supporting character from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. By putting on a kind, sophisticated tone and a southern accent, you can make anyone feel welcome with your friendly southern belle voice!