What is a Project Management fee?

What is a Project Management Fee?

The Project Management Fee is a fee paid by a client for end-to-end management by the Voices Managed Services team. This includes job(s) posting, audition short-listing, casting from client requirements and direction, managing communication with talent, organization of recording or live directed sessions, managing revisions (if required), delivering final project files, managing talent payment, and most other requirements to complete a project.

The Project Management Fee increases with project complexity. You can speak with your Account Manager directly to discuss the fee for your specific job in more detail. You can also visit our Rates & Pricing page to learn more about Voices fees. 

What is a Premium Language?

Generally speaking, a premium language is a language other than North American English or the home language in the Voices client's country. For example, for clients in the United States, any language other than North American English is considered a premium language. For clients in Span, any language other than North American English or Spanish is considered a premium language. 

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