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How do I award a job to the talent I selected?

Awarding Your Self Service Job Click Jobs > Hiring.Select the appropriate job title.Click the Responses tab.Locate the talent you would like to hi...

How do I release my escrow payment using the Android App?

Releasing Payment On the Payments screen, you'll see a list of your payments with information such as the job the payment was for, the date yo...

I paid by credit card. Why did PayPal send me a receipt?

Understanding Your PayPal Receipt PayPal offers the option of using your credit card online to make a purchase instead of your PayPal account. When y...

What is an SSL Certificate?

Learning About SSL Certificates What is an SSL Certificate?  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology protects the website and makes it ea...

What is Verified by Visa?

Registering Your Visa Card Verified by Visa (VbV) is a program designed to help make shopping online more secure. By registering a password for your...

Why is the main currency US dollars?

Selecting a Currency For The Website recognizes that the vast majority of website visitors and customers are based in the United States.Off...

How can I get my client to use SurePay?

Inviting a Client To Hire You Through If you wish to guide payment for a proposed project through SurePay you can direct the client back t...

When am I provided with direct contact information in terms of a job?

Providing Contact Information To protect clients and talent on the service, direct contact information is hidden. Should you need to reach...

How do I request a change to a talent's quote or fee or payment?

Editing a Payment In order to request an edit to a talent's fees, you must communicate with the talent for approval. The status of the job will d...

How does the Surepay Escrow payment system work?

Using SurePay The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how the SurePay Escrow service works from beginning to end. Client posts a job.Talent audi...

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