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Can I add more files once payment has been released?

Uploading More Files If you are working on a project awarded through the SurePay Escrow service and your client has released payment, you ...

Does automatically approve job postings?

Approving Jobs Automatically does automatically approve some job postings submitted to our site however not all jobs are automatically appr...

How can I send a message to the voice talent?

Sending Messages In order to contact a talent at via your Messages tab you must have responses to a Self Service job posting. This is to ...

How do I access files again after I've accepted them?

Accessing Your Files Copies of any files uploaded on a job are located within the Job Posting in your account. Here's what to do:   1. Login to...

How do I award a job to the talent I selected?

Awarding Your Self Service Job Click Jobs > Hiring.Select the appropriate job title.Click the Responses tab.Locate the talent you would like to hi...

How do I close my posted job early?

Closing Your Job Early In order to close an Open Self-Service job prior to your deadline date you must complete the following steps: Login to your V...

How do I download previously uploaded files from my job?

Downloading Files If you have previously Completed a Self Service job through the files are stored within the job itself and are permanent...

How do I invite talent to a voice over job?

Inviting Talent To Audition For Your Job Have some specific talent in mind for your next voice over project? There are a number of ways that you can ...

How do I post a Job?

Posting a Job For The First Time To start, you'll need to create a free client account. Then, click the Post a Job button at the top of the page. ...

I posted a job and have a talent in mind but they have not auditioned, how do I hire them?

Hiring a Specific Talent In order for you to Hire a specific talent they must first have responded to your Self-Service job posting with an audition....

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