What can I do to find voice work locally?

Finding Local Voice Over Work

Here are some great ideas that will help with promoting your talents in your community:
  • Deliver demo CDs
  • Send post cards
  • Circulate flyers
  • Write a newsletter
  • Cold call businesses
  • Print up business cards
  • Pin cards on bulletin boards
  • Attend networking events
  • Join your local ad club or chamber of commerce
  • Contribute an article to a local news publication or magazine
All of the efforts mentioned above provide potential clients with the friendly yet assertive message that you are available to record voice-overs for their company. The more that your prospects see your name, the greater likelihood you'll be the person they call when they need a voice-over.

For more marketing ideas, visit the Voices.com Blog: http://blogs.voices.com/voxdaily

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