More than Child’s Play: Inside the World of Child Voice Over with Donovan Weyland


    Voice acting offers a unique career path, where your chronological age doesn’t necessarily have to reflect your voice age, or the age-range of the work you take on. Audio Engineer, Producer and Coach, Donovan Weyland joins Stephanie and Julianna in the studio, where they discuss the unique attributes of child voices, how to tell authentic child voices apart from the adults who are pretending, and more. They also dive deep into what to expect if you’re a parent of a child who shows voice acting talent, including how to put on your ‘best performance’ in your supportive, parental role.

    Hosts: Stephanie Ciccarelli, Julianna Jones, with special guest, Voice Over Actor and Coach, Donovan Weyland.

    Inspired? Try out this episode’s voice over script:

    Mission Audition is presented by Produced by Shelley Bulmer, and Engineered by Cameron Pocock; Scripting by Chantelle Henriques.

    About Donovan Weyland

    Donovan Weyland is a nationally-regarded, award-winning audio engineer with over 20 years of experience producing network broadcast and cinematic content. As a Producer, Voice Over Acting Coach, Celebrity VO Specialist, and Senior Audio Engineer/Sound Designer at the legendary Chicago Recording Company, he has earned a reputation for excellence and infectious positive energy.

    Early in his career, he gained valuable experience as a guitarist, drummer, keyboard player, vocalist, and songwriter. After graduating from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, Donovan set out on his never ending search for new and exciting ways to record, produce, and mix audio. Now catapulted into his next exciting phase, he is on the move, developing his audio production business and providing a wide range of services like voice over training, consulting, engineering and sound design production.

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