Finding and Understanding Your Voice with Speech Language Pathologist, Tricia Veldman


    How well do you know your own voice? As a voice actor, understanding your instrument is key to unlocking boundless opportunities. In this episode of Mission Audition, co-hosts Stephanie and Julianna are joined by Speech Language Pathologist, Tricia Veldman. Together, they go deep into the mechanics of speech, and walk you through how to speak comfortably, how to sound natural and believable, and more.

    Hosts: Stephanie Ciccarelli, Julianna Jones, with special guest, Speech Language Pathologist, Tricia Veldman

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    About Tricia Veldman
    Tricia Veldman holds a Master of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders Bilingual Extension in Italian from Teachers’ College, Columbia University and a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Florida, and is a bilingual speech-language pathologist based in Savannah, Georgia.

    She completed the New York Speech Coaching Speech Teacher Training program under founder and head instructor, John West, where she also experienced the transformative power of mastering public speaking. Her primary goal is to equip others with the confidence to be themselves and feel comfortable in any situation, any conversation, and any presentation. She combines her knowledge of psychology and interpersonal communication to guide students towards the best-version-of-themselves. Her clients include lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs, health coaches, graphic designers, engineers, teachers, and employees of companies including Condé Nast, Reddit, Equinox, the United Nations, and Disney.

    For more things Tricia, check out the podcast she co-hosts: The Lost Art of Communication:


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