Common Killers of the Conversational Read with Andrea Collins


    More and more, we see marketers, casting directors, and big brands (like WeWork, AirBnB, and Uber) moving towards truly real, conversational reads. But how do you sound like you’re not reading when you’re reading?

    In this episode, you’ll learn what uber successful voice over actress and coach, Andrea Collins does to book commercial jobs (add that shrug!) and what she doesn’t do.

    We’ll go over how to read lists and still sound conversational, what to keep in mind when tackling commercial scripts, how to stand out in auditions, how to find your conversational read and more.

    Mission Audition is presented by Produced and Engineered by Cameron Pocock.

    About Andrea Collins
    Andrea Collins is a voice over artist and coach who helps you grow and develop your skills for exactly what brands and clients are looking for today. She has her finger on the pulse of commercial, AI, Smart Speaker skills, tech, narration and is the leading coach of the conversational read. She specializes in finding your money making VO sweet spot, mastering the modern ‘conversational read,’ entering the world of Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Home, etc), and overcoming the VO challenges that are holding you back. Check out her two viral courses: How to Earn More on and the Voiceover Profit Project which helps artists build modern VO careers from home, without an agent. She also hosts the Voiceover Profit Podcast.

    Learn more at:

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