Vox Talk #75 – Midwest Voice Over Conference, Toronto Maple Leafs, Leafs Nation, Will Arnett, Salesforce.com, DreamForce


    Hi there, welcome to the show! This week, Carmi and Stephanie discuss the Midwest Voice Over Conference, Finding your voice, The Toronto Maple Leafs, DreamForce, and an interesting way to silence someone else’s voice. Carmi interviews David Ciccarelli, CEO and co-founder of Voices.com on how the company uses Salesforce and explores Salesforce’s newest offering “Wave” as announced at DreamForce.
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    Links From This Week’s Show

    The Biz
    The Midwest Voice Over Conference is happening right now in Worthington, Ohio! Stephanie shares about how Voices.com has been involved with the conference from the beginning. A discussion about branding and finding your voice (inspired by Kabir Singh’s podcast on Voice Over Experts) leads the crew conversation-wise down the 401 to the core of Leafs Nation. Will Arnett’s role in This is Who We Are illustrates what it truly means to bleed blue and white, pulling at the heart strings of a staunch Habs fan. What lessons can businesses learn from Leafs Nation? Find out!
    Tech Talk
    Carmi and David talk about how integral Salesforce.com is to Voices.com’s day-to-day operations as well as how Wave, or as Carmi puts it, analytics for the rest of us, will impact all businesses in a positive manner. Read more about what happened at DreamForce 2014.
    Vox Box
    Will you one day be able to point a device at someone and silence their voice? No, this isn’t science fiction. This is real life. Stephanie gets the details from Carmi in the Vox Box.


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