Vox Talk #74 – Adam Sandler, Netflix, NBA, Disney, Time Warner, Voice Arts Award Nominees


    Hi there, welcome to the show! This week, Carmi and Stephanie discuss some interesting news about Adam Sandler and Netflix, the NBA and the Walt Disney Company, Voice Arts Awards Nominees revealed, Transformers’ Optimus Prime and Peter Cullen, Toy Story’s Sheriff Woody and Tom Hanks, Ello and keeping your voice in peak form no matter the conditions. Join us for the ride!
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    Links From This Week’s Show

    The Biz
    There’s so much going on this week! From Adam Sandler’s new deal with Netflix through to the NBA and Disney, times they are a changing. The nominees for the Voice Arts Awards have been announced. We’re thrilled to see so many Voices.com members on the list! Be sure to keep tuned in to hear more as the story develops.
    Tech Talk
    Carmi and Stephanie talk about how characters like Optimus Prime and Sheriff Woody manage to live in our hearts and minds long past their debut. Highlights include Peter Cullen’s motivation for how he approached the role of Optimus Prime and the impact his decision made on generations of viewers and the entire Transformers franchise. Similarly, Tom Hanks and his voicing Sheriff Woody and what he brings to the table that other actors might not have. Find out who was first offered the role of Woody but turned it down!
    Vox Box
    How does environment affect vocal performance? Carmi asks you in the Vox Box!


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