Vox Talk #88 – Big Changes at Nickelodeon, Apple Watch Apps and Voice, Placido Domingo and Vocal Range


    Big news for the world of animation! Nickelodeon is up to some great things. We’ve also got our eyes on the Apple Watch and how apps for this new device will rely heavily upon the human voice. Speaking of which, do you know where your voice sits? Stephanie and Carmi talk about vocal range and discuss a recent opera performance at the Met and the golden pipes of the one and only, Placido Domingo.
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    The Biz
    Nickelodeon has big news, including a name change.
    Tech Talk
    Are you going to stand in line to get an Apple Watch? Carmi and Stephanie talk about its capabilities and how the device factors into the voice-over market.
    Vox Box
    Do you know what your vocal range is? How about your tessitura or vocal comfort zone? A performance of Ernani at the Metropolitan Opera House serves as the catalyst for a conversation that spans Robert Schumann, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Placido Domingo.


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