Vox Talk #87 – DreamWorks’ Home, Free Online VO Resources, Google’s Chromebook, Midwest Voice Over Conference, Honey and Voice Care


    Stephanie’s back from NYC! Carmi talk about how Home hit it big at the box office and explores free voice-over resources online. In Tech Talk, it’s all about Google’s new, inexpensive computer, Chromebook and how cheaper tech might come with a price for voice pros. In the Vox Box, we’re talking about the upcoming Midwest Voice Over Conference (May 7-9, 2015) and how a spoonful of sugar in your coffee or tea should possibly be substituted with a spoonful of honey before you step up to the mic.
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    The Biz
    The 2015 Midwest Voice Over Conference
    Tech Talk
    Would you get a Google Chromebook? Learn more about the product and see what a Chromebook looks like here.
    Vox Box
    Do you put honey in your tea? Chime in!


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