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this can t v was live at the 50th birthday celebration of Mrs at Video Use Yoga today on Saturday, the second of July 2022 at the Vantage Point Event Centre, Acme Road, Ikeja, Lagos. The venue radiated with beauty as the interior decker showed class and style. It was glamour all the way as friends and well wishers began to arrive. The venue of the event. The celebrants Mrs Oddo use you gotta, popularly called Mama D by her friends, arrived elegantly dressed and briefly exchanged pleasantries with friends and well wishes before taking her place at the celebrant seat alongside her daughter Melody Melody, again today. Some of the top guests at the event were his Royal Majesty. Obama alluded to de Colima comma Lulu of Kuta Kingdom in Ocean State, His Royal Majesty Orbach Maradona, Djibouti. Sunny and right. Honourable Mutual Adobo, former Oregon State commissioner for culture and Tourism. The event started with praise and worship administration by a special singing group, followed by prayers offered mainly in the celebrants local dialect Yoruba by Pastor Joseph Flew Bengal Willoughby, who prayed fervently for the celebrant, her family and well wishes the lesson for the birthday thing's given service was taken by the celebrants daughter Yolanda Milady, again today from Sam Chapter 1 28 verse 1 to 6. Pastor Joseph Lubanga Willoughby advised the celebrant to continue to live with the fear of God. I'll always remember that there is eternity after life. He congratulated the celebrants mother and enjoined everyone to observe a moment of silence in honour of the celebrants. Late father testimonies of the benevolent nature of the celebrants were shared by some of her friends. Taiwo Lucia Vega, a longtime friend of the celebrant, described as a god fearing woman who resorts to prayer in her times of needs. Also our philosophy Face War described the celebrant as a very kind woman who's always attentive to people's problems. She wished her long life and prosperity. After that, the celebrant and her friends stepped forward and danced to the beautiful rendition of praise in worship by the music group. The reception party commenced afterwards with beautiful music performances by their wristband. As refreshment was served, the celebrants stepped out to the dance floor in company of her friends, all dressed in customised black outfits crested with gold and silver, and the ambiance was quite thrilling. It was indeed a sight to behold as they danced to the music performance of their restore band. The master of ceremony emcee D. Cracked guest stopper Beat with some jokes in the tribute session. After locking Fastener appreciated the celebrants, friends who travelled from different parts of the world to celebrate with her. She also used the medium to wish to celebrate long life and prosperity. Games were played and a number of photographs were taken by the celebrant and her friends. Sister of the celebrants Princess booming Marivaux, known as Lady be thanked everyone for coming and said a lot of nice things about the celebrant before wishing her long life and prosperity. Mr B. A Do Me from Barriga, F C. D. A. A friend of the celebrant congratulated her and likened her to a mother who is very protective and the lioness who will fend for her pride at all times. He wished to celebrate well, Mr de you Alenka, who was rescued from the street life in Barriga by the celebrant, showered her with praises and thanked her for the life changing gesture. He also reigned our colleagues in the celebrant and talked about her benevolent nature. Finally, the celebrants daughter D Milady appreciated her mother greatly. She shared some special moments with her mother and prayed for long life, good health and prosperity. This was followed by more music and games, as most of the guests had the opportunity to mind some modern and classic songs. The celebrants made her second entry in what was tagged during style. The performance was breathtaking as she stepped out in company of beautiful, robot looking guards covered in coloured lightens and gifts. The celebrants, now in a new outfit, stepped forward and danced to the popular Durian Booga and other involved songs. It was indeed a sight to behold. Simply put, it was splendid. The kick cotton exercise was done alongside family members, friends and well wishers of the celebrant and needs to display of fireworks. There was the mother daughter dance, after which the celebrant was surrounded by well wishes as they danced happily to the admiration of all a photo and video session followed afterwards. As they are reached, a band supplied a blend of traditional and contemporary tunes, which everyone danced till till the very end. The celebrants misses a video. Use your wishes to thank the following people. Mrs Mary Fatima, her big sister, Taiwo. Loose yoga from the UK for me, Lindo from the UK Mrs Bulat, Ebola Celebrants, Younger sister Cumbia de Luna from the UK Are they being well done? Lindy from the UK and her elder sister, UK based Princess Bhumibol, from Biscom Communications. It's 50 hearty chairs to Mrs added a UConn Today Happy birthday.